The San Francisco Railway Museum

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San Francisco is never short on surprises and new discoveries. Hidden in a building near the Embarcadero and Market St is the San Francisco Railway Museum. I have been to this area countless times. You would think I had discovered this place ages ago but no. I found this one during my last trip to San Francisco.

This museum is about the history of the railway in San Francisco. Mainly about the now called “Muni” and the Streetcars. You will read a little bit about cable cars because they were part of the evolution of the railway system.

There is a dedicated museum for the cable cars in San Francisco as well. Admission is free and you get to see the main operation station of all the cable lines in San Francisco.

This museum is very small but admission is also for free. When you walk in, the left half of the room is the museum and on the right is the gift shop. You learn a lot about the history of the streetcars and transportation in San Francisco. At the far end of the museum is a replica or a motorman’s platform of a 1911 San Francisco streetcar.

San Francisco Railway Museum

San Francisco Railway Museum

The showcases feature rare historic artifacts and photographs of San Francisco’s streetcar history. Now it’s time for you to experience history first hand. Step outside the museum and right across the street is a streetcar stop. Get a ticket and hop aboard on a ride throughout San Francisco.

San Francisco Railway Museum

Check out this website. You can see all the streetcars in San Francisco live and in real-time. It will show you the E- and F-Line. To see different lines click on “select routes…” to the left of the map.

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