The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Drama

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Just a few weeks after the launch of Samsung’s newest flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung issued a voluntary recall on this devices due to “exploding” batteries. All Note 7 devices sold before September 15th, are affected and you can check on the website if your device is affected as well.

As of today, it looks more like a mandatory recall and not voluntary anymore. The voluntary recall was probably just to scale the issue down to make it look like it’s not such a big deal. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is now formally recalling all Note 7 devices sold prior to September 15th.

On September 8th, the FAA issued a statement advising passengers to not turn on the phone or charge it onboard. Also, passengers should keep the phone in their carry-on luggage and not checked luggage and prevent it from accidently turning on.


Updated Release (September 16th)

I am also an owner of a Galaxy Note 7. The next morning after I got my phone I watched the news during breakfast and saw the information about Samsung’s recall of the Note 7 devices. At that point, I hadn’t even turned it on or used it. Now the phone is sitting with a dead battery in a fire proof container (just in case) and I am waiting for my exchange device.

I immediately wanted to exchange mine, even tho Samsung called it only a voluntary exchange. I called an authorized Verizon dealer to see if they can exchange it as well or if I have to go directly to Verizon. The Rep told me, don’t worry there were be only 30 cases of exploding devices out of a million. Well, if I am number 31 and the house or hotel burns down because of it, then I would worry. I hate how stupid and careless some reps try to avoid any work on their side.

Verizon told me that the exchange models would be ready this week, but now I get told by Samsung and Verizon that they will be ready by no later than September 21st. Let’s see if there are any exchange models ready and if I get one.

I encourage everyone to follow these guidelines and stow away your Note 7 devices safely. I know, you just got it and paid top dollar for it. But it’s not worth bringing down an aircraft or burning down a house.

There was just recently a report of a spare cell phone battery catching fire on a flight. No it was not a Note 7, because it doesn’t have replaceable batteries. Nobody got injured but you never know what could happen.

Not only US carriers banning them:

Also Emirates is banning the use of Note 7 devices.

Hopefully, I will get my new device this week to replace my crappy Note 4, which had just issues from the beginning and Samsung talked me into keeping it and waiting for a firmware update instead of exchanging it.

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