Ask TSA on Twitter and Facebook Messenger

Do you have questions regarding the screening process at U.S. airports? You can now chat directly with a TSA rep either on Twitter or Facebook. (direct link to chat).

They are available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET on weekdays, and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends and holidays.

They can not only answer questions but can also help you if you lost your ID or any items in an airport. That’s at least what they promise. Even tho the might be more engaged online in the chat, the TSA colleagues on the ground at the screening checkpoint mostly act as they were on vacation.

asktsa02They move slow, even tho a massive amount of passengers is waiting. The pulled one of my carry-on bags out for “secondary” inspection and just let it sit next to the x-ray machine. I asked the operator of the machine if he could get someone to check my back or give it to me because I am not here to watch them to their work, I am here to catch a flight. He then just “whispered” bag check and nobody responded. I had to ask another TSA agent if she could check my bags and even she let me wait. That’s not what I call service, especially not in a TSA pre lane.

On a recent trip, a TSA agent let non TSA pre customers use the lane. How can I tell? If it beeps only once during the scan of your boarding pass, you are not TSA pre. I can understand maybe one or two persons, but multiple people just sneaking through. That’s even not fair to TSA pre customers because it lengthens the queue and that’s why we all signed up for TSA pre.

I can’t recommend using the “Ask TSA” service via Twitter or Facebook Messenger. I asked them a simple question about TSA pre around noon, of their work time, and haven’t received an answer so far (8 hours later). So if you are in dire need of help, you are probably better of going to a TSA agent at an airport. I don’t know how knowledgeable they are, but they always can get a supervisor.

Besides TSA there are also airlines on Facebook Messenger. For example, KLM has a chat bot on messenger and once you opted it, you get status updates and your itinerary via Facebook Messenger.

Have you ever used their “ask TSA” service or what is your general experience with TSA.

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