Save the Freedom of Photography in Europe!

On July 9th, 2015 the European Parliament might destroy the freedom of photography. In Europe you can safely take pictures from public ground and publish this once. This is called Freedom of Panorama.

Julia Reda, member of the European Parliament, tried to bring the Freedom of Panorama to all countries of the EU. Unfortunately the current draft turned the proposal upside down. Instead of bringing the Freedom of Panorama to all members of the EU, it should now be taken away.

That would mean that you have to ask for permission of the architect to publish your photos. Maybe you think this is not getting to you, well you are wrong. This concerns all of us. No matter where you live and if you are professional or just taking pictures with your smart phone. If this law passes you can’t even upload your photos to Facebook anymore. Please sign the petition no matter where you live. Your next vacation might be in Europe and then you will be affected by this changes.

For more detailed information and to sign the petition, please click on the button below.

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