Transfer from and to the airport with Rail & Fly in Germany

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If you go on a trip, the hassle starts already with how to get to the airport. If you fly in or out of a German major airport you can ease up the process of getting to and from the airport in Germany. It’s called Rail&Fly. This brings you from any of the over 5600 train stations in Germany to the airport and when you arrive back in Germany, it also gets you back home. This service is offered in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn but can’t be booked directly. It has to be booked either through the airline or travel agency you used to book your trip. On your next flight just look out for any information on that or ask an airline agent or your travel agency.

The amazing thing is, that you can also travel in Germany’s high-speed train the ICE, which usually costs a lot of money to travel on. You are allowed to use any DB trains in Germany except for Motorrail and charter trains. City Night Line and Sprinter trains are available for an additional charge.

Here some information from the Deutsche Bahn website.


Conveniently online – print@home
Go to and enter your name as well as your booking reference or flight ticket number to easily download and print your Rail&Fly ticket. In case of loss, you can simply download and print your ticket again. Please note that the ticket cannot be downloaded earlier than 72 hours before departure. print@home
Pickup from one of over 7.000 DB vending machines
Alternatively, you can pick up your ticket from a DB vending machine located at every train station. This requires the Pickup Number which is stated in your flight booking. Therefore just follow the button reading “Rail&Fly” and enter the Pickup Number. Picking up the ticket from a vending machine is also not possible earlier than 72 hours before departure. If the ticket was already downloaded online, a printout at the vending machine will not be possible. For Rail&Fly from/to Amsterdam, Belgium and Zurich the pickup at the vending machine is not possible.

Make sure you always have your Rail & Fly ticket and your airline or agency itinerary/ticket always with you when traveling onboard the trains. Fines are pretty high for traveling without a proper ticket.

Deutsche Bahn offers you also the possibility to travel to Amsterdam and Zurich airport and from Brussels and Liège to every airport in Germany with Rail&Fly.

The tickets are valid from one day before your flight and on the day of your flight as well as on the day of your return and the following.

Restrictions may apply so double-check with your airline or travel agency before traveling.

Emirates, for example, offers this service free of charge when you book on Just one click and you are all set and will receive your flight and train tickets via email. This lets you explore different parts of Germany without to worry about transportation.

Another use case would be to travel to the closest nearby major train station and rent your car there. The airport fees of rental companies are outrageous and you will save a good amount of cash.

Has anyone ever used the service and what was your experience?

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