Travel Tip of the Week: Always have a USB flash drive on you

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I started carrying a little USB flash drive all the time with me. Sometimes I even have two always in arms reach. You probably ask why? It helped me a lot for printing reservations, airline tickets or other documents. Sometimes I have to swap files with a colleague. Especially if it comes to printing at a computer I don’t own, I am very careful. I don’t want to login on public PC’s to my accounts. Just try to go to a PC in the hotels business center and open Facebook. It’s very likely that the browser has stored the login data and you only have to click on login and you virtually become somebody else and will be able to mess with this persons Facebook account.

Also for file-sharing, I know there is the big old cloud out there. But imagine places where you don’t have Wi-Fi or you have to buy a pass just to use it to send a file really quick.

Since USB flash drives come now in different sizes and shapes, it shouldn’t be a problem to have one with you all the time. I for example have a credit card sized  one which I keep in my wallet. I also have a small one on my car key.

You can use the key ring type as a lifestyle accessory. There is one which looks like a LEGO brick or a LEGO Miniature Figure and there are many other styles available.

Do you carry one with you?

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