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This week’s travel tip is about a neat site which helps you calculating trip related information. The site can calculate flying and drive time and distance between different cities. This was also the reason why I found this page. I used the Great Circle Mapper before to calculate the flying distance between cities.  The problem was I needed to know the flying time to calculate different routes and how long it would take to get to my destination.

But Travelmath can do even more than just calculating drive and flying time and distance between cities. Travelmath can also tell you if it’s more efficient to drive or fly as well or the cost of a drive, stopping points along a route or the halfway point between two places. The calculator can be fed with your specific values

Here an example for the calculation if you should drive or fly.

Drive or Fly between San Francisco and Los Angeles?
Drive or Fly between San Francisco and Los Angeles?

You can change all the values in bold blue characters to optimize the search for your needs. This gives you a pretty great and detailed info for your trip.


Fun Easter Egg

They even have a little “easter egg” section. Fictional Travel Times. Look at the infographic below.



Famous Users…

Even Drew Barrymore, yes the actress, loves


Of course, has also apps available for you to use on the go. This helps you to stay updated even with updated schedule.

Travelmath - trip calculator
Travelmath - trip calculator
Developer: Travelmath
Price: Free
‎Travelmath - trip calculator
‎Travelmath - trip calculator

Travelmath is a pretty handy tool to help you with calculations for your trip. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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