Truth + Dare – A Cadillac Driving Experience

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Cadillac is touring the states with their Truth + Dare Driving Experience. No matter if you own a Cadillac, thinking about buying one or you are just a car enthusiast, check out their roadshow and sign up for their test drive events. I would recommend you to sign up ahead of time for their driving experiences. They are just awesome, more about them later. However, you can visit the event itself without signup and have a look at the latest cars from Cadillac.

There are four more stops left on this year’s roadshow and I was fortunate enough to get do drive their cars during last weekend’s stop in Anaheim, California. It was so worth driving the 400+ miles from San Francisco to Anaheim for this even. It was a lot of driving in one day. Over 800 miles just to and from the event and then 2 hours fun with the Cadillac cars.

The event is completely free and you don’t have to buy a car to participate in the driving experiences. There are free snacks and coffee in the information tent.


San Diego, CA:

Qualcomm Stadium, June 23 — 25, 2017

Chicago, IL:

Arlington Park, July 7 — 9, 2017

Cleveland, OH:

IX Center, July 21 — 23, 2017

Washington, D.C.:

FedexField, October 6 — 8, 2017

Cadillac is one of the most luxurious brands of the General Motors Group. This is what they proof with this roadshow and their cars. Like the Cadillac CT6-exclusive Bose Panaray sound system with 34 speakers. Combined with the high-resolution screen in the Cadillac CT6 it was an amazing experience. While watching you can get a massage with the integrated massage function in the seats. Why would you even think about buying a home theater if you have the much better option and take it with your Cadillac wherever you go, even on your vacation road trips?

In some of their driving experiences you are only a passenger, but just to demonstrate their technology and capabilities of the cars. Like the Front Pedestrian Braking, where you are going to try to hit a dummy on the street and the car will brake before you hit the dummy. Of course, this system works only if you don’t give any input to the car like braking yourself. If you do, the automatic system turns off and thinks you are aware of the danger ahead. Another passive driving experience is the automatic parking assistant. The driver will show you how the car parks itself. The only thing you control is the brake, the car itself maneuvers itself in the gap. Last but not least they will show you the capabilities of their night vision systems. Ever since I had the chance to drive a car with night vision, I am absolutely in love with this feature. It’s amazing what you can make visible which you wouldn’t be able to see with your eyes alone.

But enough of the “boring” passive driving experiences. Let’s get more active. You are able to take pretty much any of their available models out on a street drive. The street drive is a coordinated group driving event and you and your group will follow the leader on a short route around the grounds but on real streets. Unfortunately, the drive is way to short to get a real feeling for the car but you at least get to drive them on the streets.

The more fun driving experiences are Acceleration and Auto Cross. At the acceleration parkour, you get to put the pedal to the medal and feel the enormous power of the Cadillac ATS-V (464 HP and 0- 60 mph in 3.8 seconds) and CTS-V (640 HP and 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds). Believe me, this is fun, you can feel how the power of the car pushes you in your seat.

For me, Autocross was the most fun. You get to drive the Cadillac ATS or CTS on a short race track marked by orange cones. Here you can put the cars to its limit: accelerate, brake, speed around tight corners and at the end is a rumble strip to show how well their cars ride over uneven surfaces.

If you have time, you should give this driving experience a try. You will have lots of fun, guaranteed.


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