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Google Local Guides is the yelp for Google Maps. Google Local Guides are reviewing places, adding photos and editing information about places or add new places to Google Maps.

Google has created a program for all these people called Google Local Guides. Depending on your levels you get different perks, like invitations to Local Guides Events, Drive Space and more.

Until recently the Local Guides could reach 5 different levels and after you reached level 5 you were basically maxed out. To keep people engaged and adding reviews and photos, Google increased the levels from 5 to 10.

This gives me some more work to do now to reach level 10, some people were already instantly upgraded to level 10 because of their amount of points accumulated.

More information on Googles Help Site.

To check your Google Local Guides Level visit your contribution page (need to be logged in).

Google Local Guides are a fun community with people from all over the world. Since last year, Google invites Local Guides from all over the world to visit the Google Headquarter in Mountain View, California. All at Google’s expense. This year’s submission time for the Google Summit is already over. I haven’t got a chance to visit the Summit yet but I visited their campus before.

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