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Seattle, USA, Washington
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Back in 2016, Local Guides had the chance to participate in a month-long challenge and get their town an event sponsored by Google. Many Local Guides participated and Seattle within the Top 5 cities.

A little while ago, I got an invite to this event, but everything was kept secret and not even the location was disclosed yet. I RSVP for the event and a week before the event I got another email letting me know that I am confirmed for the event. The email also included the actual location of the event itself.

Google Local Guides

The start time was 6 p.m. and Google was very accurate about that. They wouldn’t let anyone inside the Axis event space before 6 p.m. There was already a queue in front of the event space when I arrived 10 minutes prior to 6 p.m.

Once inside, everyone had to check-in and write a name tag and we got a “Local Guides Pin”.

The event was fun and it was cool to meet fellow Local Guides from Seattle and some well known Google folks like Traci and Meg.

Meg from Google giving a speech

Besides of all the food, snacks and drinks, Google had different experience-stations throughout the place. The one I was most interested in was the Google Street View Booth. It was fun to chat with some Googler’s about Streetview and what’s coming. I can tell you that much. The future sounds exciting.

Street View Experience Booth

Streetview Experience with 350° Cams

Upstairs, Ashley from gave some tips on how to take better photos of food. I enjoyed chatting with her and get to know some tips from a professional.

Unfortunately, there are only a few photos taken with my smartphone. I had some technical difficulties getting the battery charged during my drive to the event. So I arrived with an almost empty battery and was unable to use the flash as well.

I really hope Google will do more events like this. I liked the hands-on experience stuff a lot and of course, the food was great. I couldn’t do any of the wine tastings because the same night I still had to drive for another 3 hours.

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