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Rumors were going around for a while now, that Uber will release a rewards program. Indeed it did. I got an email yesterday that I’m invited to join Uber Rewards.

I promptly did so to see what it is all about. Not everyone will be allowed to join yet. Uber Rewards is rolled out on a city base. Seattle is already available. If you know of any other cities, post a comment, please.

How to find out if you can join?

Open up your Uber app and if you see an invitation link at the bottom of the main screen, click on it and confirm the ToS. If you can’t see the box, you can join the waitlist online on the Uber website and Uber will notify you once Uber Rewards comes to your area.


To join the waitlist click here.

Uber Rewards Waitlist

How to earn Uber Rewards Points

With Uber Rewards you will earn points based on your usage of Uber and Uber eats. For different actions, you get a different amount of points per dollar spent.

  • 1 Point per Dollar: Uber Eats orders and Pool trips
  • 2 Points per Dollar: Ride UberX, UberXL, or Select
  • 3 Points per Dollar: Ride Uber Black and Black SUV

Pretty simple right?

But what do you actually get for your points?

Rewards and Tier Levels

First of all, you earn Uber Cash. With Uber Cash, you can book Uber rides or Uber eats orders. For every 500 points, you accumulate you get $5 in Uber Cash. Because the $5 will be added to your overall Uber Cash balance, you can use all of this balance for an Uber eats order or rides.

But there is more to it.

There are a total of four tier levels in the rewards program. Once you joined you will start out as Blue.

Uber Rewards Tier Levels

Earning and Benefit Window

Uber Rewards are a little different. To get to the next level you have to earn the required points (see table above) within six months of your signup. Once you have reached the threshold, for example, 500 points, you will become a Gold member for whatever is left of your six months (Earning Window) plus an additional 6 months (Benefit Window). This benefit window will also be your “Earning Window” to maintain gold or get a higher status. So basically to earn and maintain a status you have to spend enough to get the required amount of points as in the table above.

Depending on how active you are with Uber, the rewards can be worth it. Complimentary upgrades sound always great, but you have to spend $7,500 in Uber eats and pool rides during a six-month period if you want to become Diamond Tier. With UberX, Uber XL or Select you only have to spend half of that, but that is still $3,750.

Convert to Uber Cash

All your collected points are good for 12 months and expire thereafter if you don’t convert them to an Uber Cash Reward. For every 500 points you can earn a $5 Uber Cash reward. This has nothing to do with your tier qualifying miles mentioned in the Earning and Benefit Window section.

Look at it as an airline miles account. You have Elite Qualifying Points which expire with Uber after 6 months and Award Points which will expire after 12 months if not converted to Uber Cash.


Overall, the new Uber Rewards program is a great bonus for its customers. However, most people won’t reach the highest if any of their tier levels. The gold tier might be something which could be achieved during a year and it also gets you a $5 discount on your next order.

My Uber usage is just not hight enough to get me anywhere close to even gold. On the other side, if you use Uber on business trips, you might get a better chance at that. So what do you think? Have you signed up yet?

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