[Updated] Earn Marriott Bonvoy Points with Uber

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You can now earn even more Marriott Bonvoy points thanks to a new partnership with Uber. The lodging company and the ride-sharing service started a new partnership that lets you earn extra points as of today.

Ride Uber – Receive Marriott Bonvoy Points.

This sounds familiar to an old partnership SPG had with Uber and that ended in December 2017. Just a little less than a year later, Marriott bought SPG.

Now Marriott is out with a new partnership with Uber. I was waiting for someone to partner with Uber again. To make use of this new partnership you have to have an account with each program and link them.

Link your Accounts

To link your accounts you have to have the latest Uber app installed on your phone. After that follow the steps below in how to link your accounts.

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Go to Settings and scroll down and tap on Marriott Bonvoy
  3. Tap on Link Account
  4. Sign in with your Marriott Bonvoy account credentials and you are ready to earn

Earn Marriott Points

After you linked your accounts you will earn Marriott Bonvoy Points for spending money with Uber and Uber Eats. Points are earned as follows

  • 2 Points per Dollar for Uber Eats orders of $25+ (excluding taxes, fees, and tips)
  • 3 Points per Dollar on Uber Premium Rides (includes Uber XL, Uber Black, Uber SUV, and Uber Comfort)
  • 6 Points per Dollar for Uber Eats orders while staying at a hotel within the Marriott portfolio

2000 Bonus Points

If you want to get 2000 Marriott Bonvoy Bonus Points, you have to link your accounts and either ride Uber Premium or order Uber Eats ($25+) before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on May 31, 2021.

Long Beach Marriott

Amex Uber Credits

With this new promotion, your Amex Uber credits have become even more valuable. Every month you get $15 Uber credits which can be used for rides on Uber or to order delivery via Uber Eats. To turn these credits into Marriott Bonvoy Points you have to either ride on any Uber Premium ride or spend at least $25 on Uber Eats in one transaction.

Uber Rewards

All of the above transactions also count towards your Uber Rewards status. Depending on your level you get better service and rewards from Uber.

Uber Rewards Tier Levels

Uber Eats Referral Link

Uber Eats

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Download the app and enter eats-peterr227lue as the referral code.

Amex Offer

A few days after I published this post, Amex released a new offer. Check your card and see if you can add the offer to your account. You will be able to earn +3 Amex points for using your American Express credit card with Uber Eats. You can earn a maximum of 500 points with this offer. The offer expires on 6/30/2021.


This is a good partnership between the two companies. I was hoping Uber would partner with Hyatt. This would give Hyatt also a transportation partner besides its partnership with American Airlines. Ordering food for $25+ (excluding taxes, fees, and tips) shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, it is inconvenient that you have to ride on one of Uber’s premium ride services to actually be able to earn points on the money you spent. 

With driver shortage and soaring Uber prices lately, you can at least recoup some of the cost. I usually ride Uber from or to the airport and hotel and therefore always have lots of luggage with me. This requires me to hail an Uber XL all the time, just because of the amount of luggage I have. I wish people could at least earn 1 point per dollar spent for the cheaper Uber ride options.

Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions are copied from the Uber website.

To participate in the Marriott Uber loyalty initiative, you must link your Marriott Bonvoy™ account to your Uber account associated with a U.S. phone number. Once you link your accounts, you can earn Marriott Bonvoy Points on Qualifying Transactions. A “Qualifying Transaction” means (i) a ride taken with Uber XL, Uber Black, Uber SUV or Uber Comfort; or (ii) an order placed through Uber Eats in an amount of $25 U.S. dollars or more after the calculation of any applicable promotions or discounts (excluding taxes, fees, and tips), in each case, that occurs in the United States. Marriott Bonvoy Points earned for Qualifying Transactions will be based on U.S. dollars spent after promotions and discounts, excluding taxes, fees, and tips. By linking your account, you’re allowing Uber to share your points details with Marriott Bonvoy. If you no longer wish to participate in this offer, you may unlink your account at any time in the Uber app.

After you link your Marriott Bonvoy account to your Uber account, for all Qualifying Transactions you will receive (as applicable): (i) 3 Marriott Bonvoy Points for each dollar spent after promotions and discounts, excluding taxes, fees, and tips on Uber XL, Uber Black, Uber SUV and Uber Comfort rides, (ii) 6 Marriott Bonvoy Points for each dollar spent after promotions and discounts, excluding taxes, fees, and tips on orders made using Uber Eats delivered to Marriott International properties (excluding Homes & Villas by Marriott International), and (iii) 2 Marriott Bonvoy Points for each dollar spent on after promotions and discounts, excluding taxes, fees, and tips all other orders made using Uber Eats.

In addition to these terms, you are subject to any terms and conditions shown upon enrollment and the Marriott Bonvoy Program Rules [hyperlink]. Uber and Marriott International reserve the right to change the number of Marriott Bonvoy Points that you may earn and the activities for which you may earn Marriott Bonvoy Points. Uber or Marriott International may also unlink accounts as a result of termination or suspension of the Marriott Uber loyalty initiative, suspected fraud, or any changes in eligibility. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

[Header Image courtesy of Uber]

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