My Ultimate Driving Experience with BWM in San Francisco – 2017 Edition

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BMW is back with its Ultimate Driving Experience Tour. I first heard about that event back in 2015 and that’s also when I first attended one of their events of the Ultimate Driving Experience Tour. The tour has 2 more stops left this year. One in Chicago, IL and the last one in New York, NY. Check this post for more information or visit the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience Website.

Visiting the event and participating in Auto Cross is free. You also can test drive some of their vehicles on San Francisco’s street around the event location.

For some reason, they never put the i8 into the Street Drive Pool. So far I have driven all other cars already or rented them at one point in the past. I am very interested in test driving the i8 but probably have to go to a dealership for that. Other than that they have cars in basically every size available from their small 2-series all the way up to an X6.

The most fun is, of course, the autocross. Where you get to drive one of their cars on a short track. Before we headed outside to the track, we got a short introduction to physics of a car and how autocross works. This year they gave us the 5 series to drive. The reason for this is because they just launched the new 5 series in the US and want to showcase it now to us. I honestly like to race big cars. I would love to put a 7 series on that track and see how it performs. But the best thing of the autocross is that you can burn fuel and waste brakes and tires at someone else’s cost. BMW in this case. I really appreciate the effort BMW puts into this every year and hope they continue to do so. This year they spiced up the Autocross a little bit. The best driver of each city gets an all-expense paid trip to Thermal, California. BMW has a performance center there with a real track not just a marked track on a parking lot. I have been to Thermal and made a short stop at the Performance Center but it was closed and you don’t see a lot from the outside. However, the name (Thermal) fits the city more than well. The heat here in the summertime is brutal.

Driving on the marked track at the Cow Palace parking lot was just amazing. I enjoy it every time. Even tho I wasn’t the fastest in San Francisco, it was still fun. That’s the whole reason to come here. Enjoy yourself and have fun. Don’t put yourself under pressure.

The bridge to pure adrenalin.

Track on the parking lot of Cow Palace.

After the Autocross session go into the tent watch some of their exhibits and grab a small snack and something to drink to calm yourself down again. Experience their Bowers & Wilkins surround system demo, check out the small onsite store where you find everything from clothing to accessories or check out the car displayed inside the tent. Did you know BMW produced some short films? Their latest one is called “The Escape“.

BMW Shop

BMW Films

Try the Bowers & Walkins sound system.

Right in front of the tent is BMW’s product lineup. You can experience every one of these cars. They are unlocked and you can take a seat and see what it means to sit in the “Ultimate Driving Machine”.

2017 BMW M2 Coupe

2017 BMW M4 Coupe

2017 BMW M4 Coupe

My favorite one was the BMW M760i xDrive. The photos below showcase the car. How much do you think it costs? Well, you are right if you guessed about $160,000 USD. That’s a solid price but you get pure luxury and unbelievable power. If you are familiar with the “Transporter Franchise” you know he would love a car like this, even tho he is driving an Audi.

It’s unbelievable how bad people behave even at such an event. They take everything for granted and that’s why someone left a water bottle and a coffee cup in the backseat cup holder of the M760i. I hate people who don’t show any sign of respect or care. So be always mindful and even tho it’s free for you it did cost the company a lot of many to bring this to you for free.

Have you ever been to one of these events? What is your experience?

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