American Airlines Business Extra Adds Japan Airlines as Partner

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(courtesy of American Airlines)
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Good news for everyone participating in the Business Extra Program of American Airlines. Japan Airlines is now the newest partner and member of the Business Extra program where you can earn and redeem points.

For all of you who don’t know what Business Extra is, it’s a program designed for businesses where the company can earn points based on their employee travels. To be eligible for the program, you don’t have to be a big corporation, every business, even sole proprietorship businesses.

All you need to do is to sign up at

After you signed up and your request got approved, you will receive a Business Extra Membership number. Make sure you add this to your account at American Airlines and all other partners to earn points automatically.

Current members of the Business Extra Program are:

  • American Airlines (of course)
  • British Airways
  • Iberia
  • Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines Boeing 787 at Paine Field

Compared to your regular American Airlines Aadvantage account, you will earn points instead of miles. These points can be exchanged for flights, upgrades, as well as clubs, and status rewards. 

The Business Extra program is the perfect way to double-dip if you have your own business. You will earn your regular frequent flier miles as well as Business Extra points. Make sure to check out the website and see if the program is for you? 

With the addition of Japan Airlines, the Business Extra program got even more valuable. 

[Featured Image courtesy of American Airlines]

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