ANA Celebrates New Routes with Free Wi-Fi

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The Japanese airline ANA has a new promotion to celebrate two new routes. If you fly from JFK to Haneda or from Chicago to Haneda, you get free in-flight WiFi. However, you have to book a premium class ticket starting with Premium Economy and up.

Eligible Fare Classes:

E, G, P, Z, D, C, J, A, F

The purchase has to be made via the US website of ANA between today and March 31, 2017, and board your flight between October 30, 2016, and March 31, 2017.

Make sure to check out the Promotion Page to get all the info. You get one code per purchased flight if you are going to book multiple flights, make sure you apply for the code before you book another flight. Otherwise, you will get only one code for the most recent purchase.

Free in-flight Wi-Fi is a great deal and lets you use your time aboard more efficiently.

ANA is also the airline operating the Star Wars planes. If you are lucky and depart from Chicago, you could find yourself onboard the BB-8 Star Wars Plane. This plane is scheduled to operate the flights Haneda – Chicago (Flight NH112 & NH111).

C3PO Ana Jet 02Have you ever used Wi-Fi onboard an airplane? My first time was to get the Foursquare Mile High Badge. That was years ago, just when in-flight Wi-Fi started to become more mainstream.

I wouldn’t buy any in-flight Wi-Fi. The fees are outrages and what you get is not even worth paying for. However, getting free Wi-Fi is a different story.

[Photos by ANA]

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