ANA Reveals Its Newest Star Wars Plane

ANA introduced its newest Star Wars plane during the STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE 2016 in London on the 15th of July. So far ANA has introduced a total of three STAR WARS™ livery jets as part of their Star Wars Project.

  • R2-D2™ ANA JET in October 2015
  • STAR WARS ANA Jet in November 2015
  • BB-8 ANA JET in March 2016

Guess who is the newest member of the family? It is………


C3PO Ana Jet 01

C3PO Ana Jet 02The design was unveiled during the Star Wars Celebration with a 1:20 model of the new plane. Even Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) showed up at the final day of the celebration to see “his” plane and signed the scale model.

The C-3Po jet is planned to inaugurate at the end of March 2017.

Here a link to the official post by ANA.

[Photos by ANA]


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