Palm Suite at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach

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I am back in Long Beach for another project and of course, I was checking if my favorite hotel in Long Beach, the Hyatt Regency has availability. Their standard rooms were priced very decent but I just love their Executive Rooms. These rooms are huge compared to their standard rooms, which are rather small. More about the rooms and the rest of the hotel in my review.

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Unfortunately, there were only standard rooms available for my planned dates. However, they had the Harbor Suite available. So I decided to use one of my suite upgrade awards and see if I could get any of their suites. According to Hyatt’s website, the Harbor Suite has a size of 684 sq ft.

During my check-in process, I asked at which floor the suite would be. I really enjoy the view from the rooms on the higher floors. I was surprised when the agent told me that my room would be on the first floor, which is one level below the lobby level. However he told me it’s one of their nicest suites and if I don’t like it, I should just give them a call at the front desk and they will work something out.

First I was skeptical, as I usually don’t like rooms on the ground floor. I prefer at least the second or third level up. But that changed once I walked into the room.

Palm Suite (Room 132)

When you first open the door, you don’t really see how huge the suite is. According to Hyatt’s website, it has 780-900 sq ft. First, you don’t see much except the small foyer of the room. I completely missed that there are a guest bathroom and wall-closet. Inside the closet are an iron, ironing board, and extra sheets and pillows for the sofa.

Guest Bathroom

Past that is the living room. It has a big L-shaped sofa in the middle of the room with a cocktail table in front of it. There is a huge wall-mounted flatscreen TV not too far from the sofa. Two chairs are opposite the sofa and facing it.

The windows behind the sofa are actually a door which you can open and you get access to your own private terrace. From the terrace, you have a good view of the pool and the lagoon surrounding the hotel. There is also a door that allows you to access the ramp going down to the pool directly from your room. The terrace can be accessed from either of the floor to ceiling windows which are located in the living room and dining area. Both have a sliding door that opens. To open it, you have to pull the latch down on the side of the window and there is also a small safety latch at the very bottom. Make sure you unlock both before you try to slide it open.

Just past that, you have the dining and kitchen area. There is a dining table which sits six people. Above are two lights hanging from the ceiling. On the other side of the room is the “kitchen”. It’s not a full kitchen, but it features a big sink, a huge microwave, and a large refrigerator/wine cooler. Just before that is a small kitchen island table. One side has 3 stools and on the other side, you find drawers that are empty. Actually all the drawers in the kitchen area are empty. There are no silverware, dishes or even a corkscrew. But there is a coffee maker with different flavored coffee pads on the kitchen counter. This is kina odd considering the wine cooler. Also interesting is that there are separate climate controls for the living room side and dining/kitchen side. Considering it’s one big room without any dividers, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to adjust them differently. The entrance and kitchen area has a hardwood floor while the rest of the living area and dining table sit on a carpet.

After the dining/kitchen, the room is divided by a sliding door. Past the door is a parlor that features a sofa and chair with a cocktail table in front. Opposite of the sofa is another large flatscreen TV which can be flipped to either face the parlor or the bed.

The parlor and sleeping area are divided by a shelf which takes up the whole height of the room and about 3/4 of the width. The other 1/4 is where you walk between parlor and bedroom. On the window side of the divider-shelf, you find two more climate controls. One is for the parlor side, while the other one is for the bedroom side. The shelf is filled with random books, what it looks like to me. A portable Bluetooth speaker (Bose SoundLink Revolve+) is sitting on the table next to the window.

A King-size bed sits centered against the back wall of the room. On either side is a nightstand with lights. One side comes with an alarm clock while the other side had an in-room-phone. Unfortunately, there is only a powerstrip on the right side of the bed. Otherwise, there are no power outlets or USB ports near the bed. As mentioned, the large TV can be flipped around so you can watch TV from the bed. This side of the divider-shelf is also filled with some random books. The climate control is on the window side of the shelf.


The highlight of this room is definitely the huge bathroom. It basically runs parallel to all the other rooms. You will walk first into a walk-in closet. From there you will continue on to the master bathroom. It features a large mirror on the left side with two washbowls. On the right side is a vanity table with a lighted magnifying mirror and a hairdryer box followed by the toilet, which is separated by another door from the rest of the room. Parlor, bedroom, and walk-in closet all have carpet while the rest of the bathroom has tiles on the floor.

Now to the best feature of the bathroom, the gigantic walk-in shower. Yeah, this is a one of a kind shower. I don’t think I ever have seen anything like that. A glass door separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom. What you probably first notice are the two shower heads on either side. But if you look closer there is more to discover. Besides the two shower heads, there is also a waterfall and rain shower inside the walk-in shower. Another impressive feature is the waterproof TV screen in the shower. You will find the remote on a small shelf inside the shower.


This suite is really amazing. For me, I just wish the suite would be on one of the higher floors. The terrace would still be nice but I don’t care too much about the easy pool access. Because from this suite, your few is very limited. All you see is the lagoon and the outdoor swimming pool. You don’t really see much from the harbor across the street. One more thing I miss is a work desk. I repurposed the dining table as a work desk but there are no convenient power outlets on or under the table. I had to use the wall outlet behind the table. Other than that, I can’t complain at all. The room is just amazing and so freaking huge. Too big for myself for sure, but nice to have the extra space.

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